Weight loss tips Base on science will find you the best way to lose weight.

Diet is most important, your digestive system’s health is most important, exercise comes second, other weight loss pills or weight loss supplements maybe lead you to the wrong way.

Six effective weight loss tips base on science by Natural Weight Loss.

Today, some weight loss article is kind of ridiculous. new scientific study of the metabolic system have very great value, but when it used on new weight loss “secrets”, it is miss leaded.

In some magazines recently, some talk about diet to lose weight make it like fog to confuse people, medical professionals is also
tired of the public discussion of those big talks and unfounded assumptions.

Effective way to lose weight fast is simple and not too complicated, but when you actually take action, is very effective. Therefore, according to those who study weight loss researchers, the following list all of how to lose weight fast, how to increase weight, how to lose weight and maintain weight, it is only six points.

  • 1. Diet compare to exercise.
  • We often heard of exercise is key to lose weight, such as climbing stairs rather than the elevator will contribute to weight loss. However, the University of Washington School of Medicine, MD • Samuel Klein (Samuel Klein) said that, in fact, reduce calorie intake works much better. “Dieting is more effective than exercise to lose weight. If you want to consume 300 calories, you need to run three miles in the park, or eat 2 ounces less of potato chips.” It’s that simple.

    Some studies have confirmed this huge difference. These studies compare the exercise only ones and diet only ones, found that participants using only diet lose more weight than participants using only exercise. Of course, combine both can be better.

    The problem is, when you only rely on exercise to lose weight, the weight will come back, there are several reasons, including the exercise of hunger and appetite role, you will feel hungrier after exercise.

    Klein said: “If you brisk walk for an hour, consumed 400 calories, and as a result of exercise makes you feel hungry, you drink a bottle of beer, eat a piece of pizza …… then your calorie intake will exceed the calories you consume. “May not always be beer and pizza, but people will naturally eat more for compensation.

    “This is an adaptive mechanism.” Dr. David Allison said, “Every action there is reaction. Although this is not the biological laws, it is
    physics, but it seems it can apply to biological systems. So we often overestimate the effect of specific treatments. “He noted that people to take
    the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk at night in public health campaigns may not be effective because they do not think of the compensation mechanisms.

    Exercise without dieting another problem is that exercise makes people tired, the body will again be compensated. “If exercise makes you tired, then the rest of the time in the day you will become even more don’t want move, your calories will not lose.” Klein said.

    During the day, part of calories we consume comes from our basic movement. So, if you exhausted after running exercise you will more likely to sit on the couch don’t move, then you will lose the effect you get from exercise (reduce calorie

  • 2. Exercise helps fix “imbalance” metabolism, especially in the period to keep the weight.
  • People walk into a doctor’s office, often will say, ‘My metabolic disorders!'” The University of Colorado, James • Hill (James Hill), Dr. said, “We have never had this evidence, until recently. We wrong, metabolic disorders really! “Hill pointed out that although exercise to lose weight is not as good as diet to lose weight, but from another aspect, the exercise is also very important because it fixes metabolism disorders.

    We have a lot of knowledge in this field comes from studies by NASA about bed rest.” He said, “if don’t move for a few days, metabolism will become stagnant. If you start moving again, it will cheer up. “Your metabolism may never return will always be less than normal “(as will be further described), but there is evidence that it can really cheer again, this is achieved by physical exercise every day.

    This is the main reason why the weight loss exercise is critical in some stage of keep the weight. As we all know, to keep weight is more difficult than to lose weight.

    Dr. Mayo Clinic Medical Michael Jensen says, in essence, the exercise left us room for maneuver. “Exercise is very important for maintaining the
    effect of weight loss, people who do not exercise regularly are more likely to gain weight.

    We believe that the reason why exercise is important, part of it is because of the extra calories consumed while exercise, so that you have more
    flexibility intake food, so you do not have to change your eating habits too much, which makes it easier to accept. “

  • 3. You will have to exercise harder than others, and may be walways do.
  • Although exercise helps to repair the system of long-term metabolic disorder, but the frighten reality is that metabolism may never return to the situation prior to weight gain. So, if you were overweight or obese, and you cut the fat, then maintain this weight loss you will have to work harder than others, perhaps forever.

    Hill said: “The sad thing is, if you were obese, didn’t exercise for a while, then you need to do more exercise to maintain weight. Metabolic system does not return to normal.” He said it was not a beautiful reality, but the courage to face is very important.

    Exercise can help your body burn more calories, but you will have to do long-term aerobic exercise. “It’s not fair, but the reality is this.” Hill said. “However, you will understand, the situation will get better, because you can deal with it.”

  • 4. There is no perfect weight loss diet.
  • We often think that if we can find the “right” diet with, as we can magically lose weight or maintain weight loss. Now there are low-fat diet, so many low-carbohydrate diet, low insulin diet, Paleolithic Diet (Paleo diets), and all of these diets.

    Johnson pointed out that, in fact, there is no “right” diet and there is no evidence to show that a particular diet is more beneficial for metabolic system.

    He said: “It is a huge superstition, there’s a kind of magical diet with (protein, vegetarian, and so on) is unique, because it will have a
    unique role in the metabolism, actually if you are consistent. Any diet can help you lose weight. No magic diet. In fact, if you are consistent, all diet can play a role. “

  • 5.Calories are the same!
  • On energy balance, the calorie intake is very important. Dessert diet proved this principle.

    Last year, the Kansas State University • Mark Haub (Mark Haub) rely on junk food makes weight loss of 27 pounds. MD, Yale University • David Katz
    says it is a very good proof of concept.

    All calories are “created equal”, which undoubtedly is (at least in theory, and some actual situation is so). • Nestor NYU Marion (Marion Nestle) Dr. said: “From the perspective of weight, a calorie is a unit of a unit of calories, regardless of where it comes from eating too much unhealthy food healthy food will be like that. Weight gain. From a health perspective, eat more vegetables …… junk food just makes it easier to excessive intake of calories than healthy food. But this problem can be solved. “

    But obviously very calories is the same, there should be no doubt. Katz said one reason is “calories is the same no matter where it comes from.” eat too much health food will not gain weight as eat too much unhealthy food. to be health, eat vegetable is better…unhealthy food will be easier to intake too many calories.

    But the source of calories is really important because it affects people’s satiety.” He said. This relates to psychology and biology.

    In fact, the food industry has opened up a whole new field of food science to study the “happy spot” that required for the manufacture of food to increase satiety calories.

    Katz said that, on the one hand, ” happiness points’ Science tells us that the food industry can increase food quantity with less calories to make people feel full through food processing, including Harvard University’s overall nutritional quality index (ONQI) studies, including studies show ‘More nutrition’ mean intake fewer calories you will feel full. “

    The type of food you eat will gradually affect your metabolism, so, the type of food is also important. When energy is burned off, stick to a low calorie diet will lead to energy shortage, which is needed to lose weight.

    Katz said the key is not what the calories are, but know that we need to “upgrade” our food, turn calorie-rich foods into low-calorie, more nutritious foods, eat more this kind of foods, intake less calories, intake more or higher quality protein, less sugar, more fiber-rich food.

  • 6. Everything is related to the brain and your digestive system.
  • In the final analysis, the real cause of overweight or obese is not a body or metabolism, but the brain.

    We intuitively believe that bad decisions make weight gain, better decision make weight loss. But the problem is that bad decisions can significantly alter the way of brain control hunger.

    Any long-term patterns of behavior will leave traces in the brain, and digestive system, overeating is no exception.

    Good news is that more and more evidence shows that, when the new patterns of behavior (such as restricting calorie intake, choose healthy foods and exercise) come out, the brain and digestive system can “fix” themselves.

    Although the brain and digestive system will leave some degree of “damage”, especially hormones how to play the role of hunger and satiety, but the brain and digestive system can gradually repair itself.

    The key point is that this process takes time, but like any other behavior patterns change, the ultimate need to put into practice.

    Hill said: “If we want to change behavior, someone said you just need 12 weeks’ time to be able to do it, it is not true. To change our brain, neurobiology have told us about weight gain and decrease, to form new habits, patterns and fixed behavior takes a long time, perhaps a few months, perhaps a few years, but eventually was able to do. “

Summarized as follows: to reduce calorie intake, eat healthier, exercise, the most important thing is perseverance, it may be several months or years.

Compared with those who have never overweight friend, you will have to maintain body weight harder, although this depressing, but it is worth to be patient.

The most important to remember is that your brain (the decision all organs) is plastic, it will change the way you respond to, the effect will be better than you think. Your digestive system and body will respond to it.