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Shakes are a very popular way to lose weight. They can be a used with any diet plan as they have minerals, vitamins, fiber for detoxification and in some cases, it contain protein too with other fat burning ingredients. They are a natural way to control portion intake, also keep calories and fat. However, not all weight loss shakes are good, and not all are designed for weight loss.

Weight Loss Shakes Recipe: cucumber and apple shakes.


This is a homemade shake recipe. It is healthy, easy to make, tastes wonderful. You need a juicer, a blender.

Take one cucumber, 2 stems of celery, 4 apples or pears, and juice it. Blend it with 1 avocado, add some spinach leaves. If you like spicy, you can juice it with a piece of ginger or chili, also you put some protein into the shake, but it is not very necessary.weight loss shakes cucember weight loss shakes

Weight loss shakes: Vitamin C rich shake.


Ingredients: a lot of carrots, one banana and some rosehips.weight loss shakes 1 weight loss shakges watermelon

Weight loss shakes 3: watermelon-carrot diet shake


Here are the ingredients: 1/4 watermelon, 9-10 carrots, A piece of ginger, A spoonful protein powder, rice protein, 1 banana. Cut the watermelon, take out the red fruit pulp and juice them together with carrots. Pour protein powder and banana and the juice into the blender, and blend!

weight loss sakes carrots