Weight loss foods

Weight loss foods, how to lose weight fast?

Best weight loss foods will help you lose weight fast.

Weight loss food principle:

Many people think that as long as you are on a weight loss diet you can lose weight, it is not always the case.

This is because different foods contain different amount of calories, eat more calories is not necessarily the more food you eat, eat less calories is not necessarily the less food you eat.

For example, eating 35 grams and 70 grams of bread, 70 grams sweet potatoes, 120 grams of potatoes, intake the same amount of calories.

This suggest us to lose weight you need make choice weight loss food, eat bulky, low-calorie foods, you can feel full but you will not gain weight.

A variety of vegetables, melon, cucumber, cabbage, beans are low calorie food, to get the same effect of weight loss, eating two of these vegetables and eat a lentils or garlic is the same. If you choose lotus root, taro and the like, eat only half were enough.

As for fruit, watermelon have maximum effect of weight loss.

Eat 200 grams of any kind of pears, peaches, apples, bananas, oranges, etc., the calories intake is the same as eat 750 grams of watermelon.

Dried fruit calories is much higher than fresh fruit, diet dieters should not eat dried apricots or raisins or other dried fruits.

Eat more fish than meat, especially cooked fish as it is more beneficial for weight loss.

Eat 120g fish or 50g meat, or 25g sausage intake the calories.

From the diet perspective, fish are better than chicken, chicken better than beef and lamb.

Beans calories minimum, soy products are the best food for dieters. Use soy products to replace the apple as a snack is also a good way.

The key to lose weight is to reduce calorie intake.

Choose some plant extracts, fiber comprehensive extracts of fruits and vegetables, low in calories, you can eat more, but control appetite good, you can feel full but lose weight.

Part of the food calories conversion formula: 10 grams of cooking oil = 250 grams peanuts, melon seeds = 25 grams of rice or face = 50 grams of lean meat = 120 g potato = 120 grams of fish = 150 grams of tofu = 200 grams of fruit = 500 g annua = 750 grams of watermelon.

Weight loss food suggestions:

Beside our Natural Weight Loss herbal pad can help you improve your digestive system, make your body channel smooth, make your digestive system run better and get rid of excess sugar fat and toxins. You will also need to control your diet, eat healthy.

Expert opinion: Because of bad habits and unhealthy weight loss methods used, leading to constipation and more fat accumulation, obesity and constipation became a pair of lovers, constantly in a vicious cycle.

Want to lose weight must fundamentally solve the problem of constipation, follow the above method, I believe you will soon have a slim figure, live a good life with “relaxed body”.

Eat less rice and other refined like bread, eat more staple grains, such as: sweet potato, oats, corn and so on.

Although meat contains essential proteins, but we can not only get protein from meat. Excessive consumption of meat can cause constipation and colon cancer. Soybean and fish are rich in protein, fat content less, they not only provide rich protein, but also can achieve weight loss.

Eat more high fiber vegetables (leafy vegetables), animal protein and vegetable contains in your diet ratio should be 1: 2. Eating high fiber-containing foods, like fruit, vegetables or leaf shoots, sweet potatoes, banana, papaya, kiwi, grapefruit and green vegetables etc., can increase intestinal movement, Keep your bowels open.

Daily water intake should be 1800-2000ml, in the morning drinking 300ml water before eat.

Drink some cold water in the morning. everyday drinking 2 to 3 cups of cold water will helping you eliminate constipation, because of cold water get into the stomach will cause colon reflection, make large intestine motility.

While constipation, water will be absorbed by the body, causing the stool becomes dry and hard, with cold water to foods the shortage of water will help the stool become normal.