Weight loss diet, most Important Way.

How to lose weight fast? Don’t forget to control your diet, if you don’t want to use weight loss diet or weight loss exercise, our Natural Weight Loss pad still will help you out, but with diet and exercise, you will lose weight faster.

Suggestions of weight loss diet:

Weight loss diet is to improve your diet, the drinking of water to lose weight.

Compared to all the weight loss pills in the market, dieting to lose weight is undoubtedly a healthy and effective way to lose weight. Because it is easy to operate, less side effect and a lot of people prefer weight loss diet.

With our Natural Weight Loss herbal pad to help you improve your digestive system, make your body channel smooth, make your digestive system run better, get rid of excess sugar fat and toxins, you also need to control your diet, eat health.

Wrong weight loss diet:

Do not eat staple food, do not eat breakfast, fasting to lose weight are commonly misunderstanding.

Do not eat staple food, controlling carbohydrate intake, in fact, only control the desire to eat will harm your health, because if there is no carbohydrates, the body will be in extreme unbalanced nutritional status; do not eat breakfast, think eat one time less can lose weight. But in fact, work in the morning, consume lots of calories, will result intake more calories in the noon.

Through periodic fasting, only drink water, eat vitamins. Want to lose weight in a short period, but the latter will lead to anorexia, bulimia, causing endocrine disorders; there are still people use physical optical creams + exercise wrapped in plastic wrap.

This is in fact deceive yourself, because it will only cut down water of your body, water will come back later, easy to rebound, and this can damage to the skin.

Nutrition interventions to prevent obesity, weight loss foundation, the basic principles of weight loss diet should be reasonable composed of low-energy, low-fat, moderate-quality protein, containing complex carbohydrates; fiber lines and other reduced-fat plant; increase of fresh vegetables and fruits in the proportion of the diet.

Reasonable weight loss diet should reduce the total daily calories but intake balanced nutrients; use fiber lines and other foods to lose weight, meet the needs of the body’s nutrients, but also the intake calories should be lower than the body energy consumption, so that part of the body’s fat oxidation for energy consumption needs.

Weight loss diet details:

Don’t reduce the amount of your diet, but to change the way of eating is the smartest weight loss diet:

Correct the poor eating habits:

Most obese people eat automatically without conscious, lack of thinking, missed a lot of pleasure from food, and often intake exceed calories.

(1) Fixed weight loss diet schedule:

Eat at the same time every day, make a schedule. Plan the quantity of food, breakfast between 7:00 and 8:00am, lunch around 12:00, dinner is usually 6:00. And be sure to eat well at breakfast, eat full at lunch and eat less at dinner.

(2) Balance calorie diet:

Make a plan of the type and quantity of food you are going to eat, control quantity and calories.

Most people take in too many calories in unconscious condition, so, please consider every meal’s content. I always try to choose to eat more vegetables, because vegetables contain fiber easy to absorb and feel full, and vegetables contain fewer calories compared to other.

(3)Eat slowly:

Physiology, you feel full when you eat enough: “Enough, enough! I can’t eat any more!” This process takes twenty minutes, and quite complex, work by stomach, small intestine hormones and other factors.

If you eat fast, you may already excessive intake of food before you feel full. So, weight loss diet need to slow down the speed of eating.

Take a break during eating, rest periods beginning may be thirty seconds, make it longer gradually, then decide how much to eat more. This habit can help you eat less.

In experiments on animals, found that the animals which was interrupted during eating, even let him eat his food intake is not as much as without interrupt.

4) To concentrate on eating:

Some dieters will be doing something else during eating, such as answer the phone, watch TV, read magazines and so on.

This behavior has two drawbacks: First, make eating and other activities associated, inevitably he will not have appetite.

Can’t concentrate on tasting food, the body absorbs the calories without “full” feeling. So, we must focus on the process of eating when you eat. Enjoy gourmet pleasure, slowly, slow down the speed of eating, taste of food.

Weight loss diet attention:

Nutritional needs:

The first step we need to know is nutrition demand, so that we can lose weight but still ensure the proper function of the body’s.

For weight loss diet, around 2100 calories per day should be enough with the intake of some the protein, cellulose and some calcium, iron and other trace elements and vitamins for the body is also very important. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water, around 8-10 glasses.

After the nutritional needs of the body intake from foods, the principle of weight loss diet: Don’t choose food which have too much oil, do not use too much oil to cook, eat less sweets, you can try small meals four meals a day, and don’t eat a few hours before go to sleep.

Weight loss diet tips

Tips 1: eat rice to enhance basal metabolism

During the day, our calorie consumption is relatively high so you can do the normal nutrition and do not worry about fat.

Each meal to ensure that sufficient quantities of rice, if you can match some whole grains, brown rice, oats, beans steamed rice at the same time, etc., due to the role of dietary fiber, you can increase your basal metabolic rate, so that the body’s metabolism to speed up.

In the morning and at noon if a sufficient amount of staple food is eaten, it is not easy to have a sense of hunger, thereby reducing unnecessary high-calorie snacks.

Note that the amount of staple food for each meal at least two-thirds of the bowl to ensure that level.

Tips 2: with tofu or soy replace dinner

Tofu is also known as “the field of meat” as it has very healthy ingredients and contains a lot of high-quality protein.

Bean will let you produce satiety, and also very low in calories. Consume less energy in the evening, even eat no problem! If your only eating tofu or bean dishes, then eat before nine p.m. are possible.

When eating soy products, can be used with mushrooms, seaweed, konjac, cheese, milk, etc., nutritious and healthy! It should be noted, do you want to eat less fried soy products, which will make your calories excessive Oh!

Tips 3: Select beef, pork and other red meat; and the oil will try to choose olive oil, flaxseed oil.

Oh, you cannot just eat meat to lose weight as it is not just the best choice for beef, pork and other red meat, a lot of these protein-rich lean meat, can help you burn fat.

The cooking time, as we choose olive oil and flaxseed oil, two oils contain unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce blood cholesterol and improve blood microcirculation, the health is very good. In addition, when meat, choose without heating the raw fruit vinegar or lemon juice and seasoning to match is a good choice.