About Natural Weight Loss

Made of natural herbs and plants, no harm to your body, how to lose weight fast? Our Natural Weight Loss can help you.

Every herbals and plants have the same goal, to make you lose weight! Try our Natural Weight Loss herbal pad now!

Natural Weight Loss components:

Made by plants and herbs, The main components is Xuan Ming powder, Angelica, aurantii fructose immaturus, orange peel, peach kernel, safflower, scrophulariaceae, magnolia and other traditional Chinese herbs and plants.

Natural Weight Loss component: Angelica.

Angelica is a genus of about 60 species of tall biennial and perennial herbs in the family Apiaceous. They grow to 1–3 m tall, with large bipinnate leaves and large compound umbels of white or greenish-white flowers.

Angelica, is Umbelliferae Angelica root, sweet, acrid, warm, with blood circulation, relieving pain, laxative effect, can be used to treat blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness , palpitations, irregular menstruation , amenorrhea pain Deficiency abdominal pain, rheumatism, bruises, dry bowel constipation embolism. Angelica GAN in its blood, Xinsan Warming to blood, both blood, but blood, known as “blood gas medicine, the blood of the holy medicine.”

Excessive consumption of parsley should be avoided by pregnant women. It is safe in normal food quantities, but large amounts may have uterotonic effects.

Natural Weight Loss component: Xuan Ming powder:

The main component is dried anhydrous sodium Na. Is Puxiao (Na2SO4.10H2O) dehydration. It spill hot laxative; Endometriosis detoxification and improve stomach ; make your body cool from hot weather; The main treatment is excess heat stagnation; constipation; red eyes and throat; swollen throat sores; swollen ulcer2SO4.

Before using this Natural Weight Loss pad, you need to know below point:

Point cv 8, which is your navel.

How to use it:

      1. Clean and shave above point’s area, so as you can apply the herbal pad on.
      2. Put your herbal pad on one of the point, every 24 to 48 hours take it off put another one.
      3. If you feel itch, just remove it put to another point of above.

How long you need use:
Most people use around three weeks, controle your diet, can lose weight fast, some need use up to three month.

Don’t use it when pregnant, don’t use it on injure skin, don’t use it when skin allergy.

We are not responsible of any problem caused by using this products when pregnant, using on injure skin, when you have skin allergy.

Natural Weight Loss applicatoin range:

  • Gluttony obesity: This kind of obesity can lose weight temporarily with weight loss diet control. When you can no longer control the appetite, it will rebound and probably get more fatter than before.
  • Fertility obesity: postpartum women weight beyond the normal range of 20% -50%, in medicine known fertility obesity.
  • Workplace obesity: those people exercise less who are busy with work, with great pressure, because “vitality energy” insufficient
    is too much pressure. This can lead to liver, stomach and intestinal digestive function decline, metabolic abnormalities, loss of appetite is not serious but love to eat…… eat snacks tendencies.
  • Edema obesity: also known as “intrinsic phlegm obesity”, hips and thighs edema, also known as the “lower body fat.” This is because the person’s body drainage faction poor, excess water accumulate in the
    body, caused obesity.
  • Middle age obesity: After entering middle age, due to decreased organ metabolism, calorie consumption reduced, lead fat accumulation in the abdomen buttocks and thighs, etc., in
    addition, also stable career and family make people feel comfortablse lead to obese.
  • Repeatedly obese rebound: repeatedly lose weight and rebound again, use too many kind of weight loss supplements too much, obese inevitably rebound.
  • Health Obesity: many times to lose weight and then rebound
    with too many different weight loss supplements used
    can lead to some health problems, obese will be inevitably rebound.