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Constipation can be the reason why you are fat. Best way to lose weight, get rid of constipation first.

Constipation will slow down your metabolism, fecal will remain in the intestine and the body will absorb old toxins. With defecation accumulate in the body, blood will absorb the defecation with the toxins, toxins will be penetrated into the blood again, it will make you gain weight and be sick.

Constipation will lead to waste accumulate, fat burning and metabolism performance will be affected by toxins and become worse.

It will become difficult for the body to eliminate the fat, the body will become fatter easier and easier.

Intestinal capacity is decreased by the accumulation of feces, it will slow down the metabolism.


No matter how hard you exercise, the efficiency of calorie consumption will become lower and lower, dietary intake of substances are also more likely to be increased. Even when you drink water you will be gaining weight!

Excess sugar and lipids will be absorbed by the intestine will lead to accumulate of waste and toxins.

The whole digestive system began to collapse, food will be more difficult to digest than usual, the extra carbohydrate and lipid can’t be digested, it will not only lead to accumulation, but will be absorbed by the body, and become body fat.

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Constipation and other digestive system problems is the major reason for the gaining of weight and ultimately becoming fat.

Our Natural Weight Loss can help you increase the function of your digestive system, smooth the channels of your body, clean the sugar and fat and toxic substances, help you lose weight.

Why when you are fat, you always fat on the waist? best way to lose weight? Control the essentials reason of fat, to lose will be more effective.

You must be wondering? Why when I get fat, it first starts from the waist? Even though I restrained my diet, trying to lose weight, but often not paid off!

Other parts of my body are already slim, but the waist is still above the level.

How am I not able to lose the weight on my waist? When I sit down, I feel so bad that someone can see my fat waist.


When you are fat, it is most likely your digital system have problems, intestinal capacity is low, feces accumulate, excess sugar and lipids be absorbed by intestinal lead to accumulate of waste and toxins.

The whole digestive system collapsed, food will be more difficult to digest than usual and the extra carbohydrate and lipid cannot be digested.

It will not only lead to accumulation, but will be absorbed by the body, and become body fat.

Waist is the first and most easy place to accumulate fat. Best way to lose weight, get rid of the fat on the waist first!

It’s not all for your beauty, all parts of the body has its own “rules of the game”, your diet and your health are closely related.

Do not lose weight simply to be beautiful, to be healthy too, we must know fat is not good for your health.

Effective treatment of constipation can lose weight, frequent constipation lead accumulation of belly fat, you want to effectively reduce belly and you need to treat constipation first.

Fat will not only make you look bad, but also harm your health, best way to lose weight?

Most important part of your body: waist, get rid of the fast on the waist first it is the best way to lose weight.

Waist is the belt channel area, all the channel is vertical, and only belt channel is horizontal.

The body’s microcirculation is the weakest in this area, toxins and fat can be easily accumulated at the waist to make a“swimming belt.”

Governor and conception vessels are gathered at the waist, fat oppression can cause pressure to the vessels lead to deterioration of blood circulation and this will block the flow of qi and the blood.

Block of qi will lead to: hypoxia, dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreams and memory loss. Blood flow obstruction: hypotension and three high, three high mortality rate is the highest in the medical field, so it was said the medical field: life is on year shorter with the waist 1CM bigger.

2nd important part of your body: back.


People look 3 years elder when their back is 1 cm thicker, priceless to have slim back when you are at age, back as thin as paper most healthy

The human spine is the lifeline of the youth, internal organs, nerves and blood vessels reflex the spine. Spine bending can easily oppression internal organs, also easy to form a disc and bone hyperplasia, 80% of chronic diseases are caused by deformation and curvature of the spine. Spinal health decide human health!

One shoulder higher one should lower: the deformation is caused by scoliosis, if not corrected can cause hemiplegia and stroke.

Dazhui ( DU 14 ) acupoint if the switch of Du channel, fat press Dazhui ( DU 14 ) acupoint, can lead to hypoxia, dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreams, memory loss.

Spine’s side is bladder channel: the bladder channel is the body’s largest detoxification drainage channels, back fat thickness oppression cause
bladder drainage detoxification not smooth, toxin accumulation, edema, adiposity.

3rd important part of your body: legs.

There’s are six channels in your legs: the liver meridian with the gallbladder, stomach channel and spleen channel, kidney channel and bladder

The liver meridian with the gallbladder, too much fat on your legs can cause inner and external expansion, normal people call them elephant legs, liver meridian with the gallbladder are blocked, toxins can’t get out of the body, toxins will accumulate in the body, moisture in the body increases, increasing moisture will lead to bacteria accumulate, lead to gynecological inflammation.

Stomach channel and spleen channel: Spleen and stomach is the system of meat digest, too much fat press the stomach and spleen channels, make the
digestive system disorder, lead to skin lose, nutritional imbalance, make skin change to dark color.